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Brand New Exciting Roller Hockey Skates for 2016

Skate Out Loud is excited to bring you the latest and greatest roller hockey skates and skate accessories for 2016. We want to keep you informed of the latest styles, brands and most comfortable skates on the market. In this category, you'll find popular brand like Tour so there's no need to look further. Skate Out Loud intends to always bring the most exciting roller hockey skates with the utmost quality and comfort than anywhere else.

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Kemistry Grippium
Kemistry Grippium Soft Roller Hockey Wheel Qty. 4
Our Price: $29.95

The Kemistry Grippium X-Soft Roller Hockey Wheels look to provide players with maximum speed and power, while maintaining elite-level grip and control! This is provided by a durable 608 core and four 78A, 76mm or 80mm wheels! The orange color of the Grippium X-Soft Wheels gives a unique and flashy look that compliments your roller hockey skates perfectly!

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